2048-x2 Merge Blocks

2048-x2 Merge Blocks
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2048-x2 Merge Blocks

2048-x2 Merge Blocks is an amazing game that incorporates several fresh and appealing aspects that distinguish it from the conventional 2048 game. Players that complete tasks will receive a large number of bonus points, support goods, and additional time in each round. Isn't it interesting how things turn out? If you are a fan of the number 2048, then join the 2048-x2 Merge Blocks right away!

How to play

In this game, the player's goal is to finish the challenge within the time limit set by the game's designers. Many unique aspects will be available to players because this game is a blend of the traditional 2048 and Tetris games, as previously said. The numbers are dropping from above and will continue to do so. Manage to combine numbers and preserve the playing field as clear as possible for as long as you can while playing. Pay close attention to every step you take, and best of luck!


  • Each round of this game presents a new and interesting challenge.
  • The statistics from each game are recorded in the archive.
  • It's a colorful and straightforward design.


  • Make a series of clicks on the selected columns to drop decreasing numbers in the sequence that you choose. In the event that two similar numbers are connected, the numbers will be combined to form a greater number. If you want to get a higher multiple of the initial two numbers, you may put more than two numbers together as well.


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