Among Impostors

Among Impostors
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Among Impostors

Among Impostors is an adventure game featuring challenging difficulties for players of all skill levels. In order to accomplish the challenge, the player must assemble an army and achieve the ultimate victory in the game. Become a member of the Among Impostors now!

How to play

It is necessary to increase the number of your party in "Among Impostors" by ingesting meals that are available in the nearby neighborhood. Surface advantages may help you gain strength in the face of your opponents and so become more effective against them. Your adversaries will acquire power by eating you if the number of opponents outnumbers the number of friends on your side of the battlefield. Shields, speed boots, and imposter team perks are all available to you in order to accumulate the largest number of impostors possible. In order to acquire new impersonators or to increase the powers of your present character, you will need to accumulate enough points to do so at the end of the game. Your chances of winning the big prize and the championship cup are in my best wishes.


  • The visuals in the game are stunning.
  • Simple game rules that are suited for all players.
  • Upgraded features aid in the victory of the players.


  • Players compete against one another and win by using the mouse or trackpad.

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