Arabian Night

Arabian Night
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Arabian Night

Arabian Night is a fun game for all ages. Its concept is based on the old game of Tic Tac Toe. The rules of Arabian Night will be identical to conventional tic-tac-toe, so players will be able to complete tasks quickly and win the game. Join us today for the most thrilling adventure! 

How to play

Players use the mouse to move and fill the empty box with X or O characters. In the classic form of tic-tac-toe, players must face their opponents on paper to determine whether they win or lose. To compete with opponents in the new version of tic tac toe, players simply need to utilize a computer or phone.

To quickly get the first win, players should develop strategies and tactics throughout the rounds. To become the ultimate winner, try to generate as many advantages as possible. Best of luck!


  • Players may pick from a variety of levels.
  • Players are impressed by the sound and vibrant colors.
  • After each round, the results will be saved in the game's memory.


  • The mouse will be used by computer players to move around. If you're a mobile gamer, touch the screen to begin and win for yourself.

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