Atomic Puzzle Xmas

Atomic Puzzle Xmas
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Atomic Puzzle Xmas

Atomic Puzzle Xmas is an easy puzzle game for everyone that is themed around the holidays. Level-by-level tasks push players to solve riddles and remove atoms. The championship cup and tempting prizes will be awarded to the final winner. Join us today for exciting adventures with Atomic Puzzle Christmas!

How to play

Players begin the game by moving their mouse and completing riddles in order to win the challenge. Players must follow the directions in each round in order to beat the problems in the game.

Each round, however, will provide a unique challenge, ranging in difficulty from simple to challenging. So, to practice and unlock more tougher rounds, try to practice your abilities and recall the techniques in each round. Best of luck in achieving the best possible score!


  • Simple guidelines that apply to everyone
  • There are several obstacles and resources available.
  • The game's data store will keep track of bonus points and scores.


In this game, the player selects atom combinations using the mouse:

  • The color of the atom you choose is unimportant.
  • The atoms in each combination must be the same color.
  •  Each combination can have one unpaired atom.

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