Awesome Conquest

Awesome Conquest
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Awesome Conquest

The aggressive, combat-oriented online game known as Awesome Conquest is open to anybody who wants to play. Our land has been usurped by the locals, and it is time for you to form an army and take it back. Develop your metropolis by adding new levels one at a time. Construct your mining operations to produce more cash, erect your temple to solicit God's assistance, and train your army in preparation for combat. How quickly are you able to wrest control of your land away from the reds? Register for Awesome Conquest right this second!


  • Upgrades that allow for the purchase of three distinct difficulty levels.
  • Unlockable new weapons to use.
  • Obtainable positions and honors.


Challenges in Awesome Conquest are taken on by players, who utilize their mice in conjunction with their keyboards in order to progress through the game and accomplish their goals. Good luck!

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