Big Bad Ape

Big Bad Ape
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Big Bad Ape

Big Bad Ape is a challenging online game based on the popular film King Kong. The goal for the player is to complete the challenges as quickly as possible and reach the finish line. Doesn't it seem exciting? Join Big Bad Ape right now for the most thrilling King Kong experience!

How to play

Players assume the role of a huge monkey, similar to King Kong, who escaped from the testing facility and wandered the city, docks, and other locations. People, automobiles, and buildings will all be smashed along your route. Keep an eye out for people with guns. they'll do you harm. Best of luck in overcoming the obstacles.


  • The graphics and music in the game are quite realistic.
  • For different rounds, there are numerous challenges.
  • Many features aid in the completion of the game.


  • A player can use a mouse with a keyboard or touch the screen to complete the challenge and get to the finish line.


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