Brick Out

Brick Out
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Brick Out

Playing Brick Out is a fun, free, and cooperative online game that focuses on combat. Shoot as many bricks as you can, but don't forget to land on the landing board. You have access to strong weapons that are capable of destroying numerous blocks simultaneously. What do you have your hopes set on? As soon as possible, sign up for Brick Out.


  • When a fun game like this starts to grow, you can't help but want to get involved and ruin every single tile.
  • Incorporating sound effects into the game experience increases the level of fun.
  • It's beautiful to look at, and using it is a delight as well.


In order to take part in the challenge, players must use the mouse to drag their landing pad to the proper landing place. Keep aiming and smashing tiles until you've broken all of the ones you can. To get cash, you must complete the challenge. Thank you for your support and best wishes!

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