Candy Juice

Candy Juice
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Candy Juice

Candy Juice is a simple game for everyone that has been designed with an appealing UI and aesthetics in mind. The player must move all of the fluids out of the maze in accordance with the various stages. To explore new and fascinating challenges, sign up for Candy Juice now!

How to play

In this entertaining online game, the player's goal is to transport all of the juice out of the maze in order to successfully complete each level. To win, you must assist the character in successfully clearing all of the mazes. This is a fun game that can be played on both PCs and mobile devices. Make sure to pay attention to the movements and time provided in each round if you want to fulfill the challenge of the level. I wish you the best possible outcome!


  • The game includes a straightforward setting and an interface that is accessible to all players.
  • There are several rounds with varying difficulty levels.
  • Each player's score and bonus points will be saved in the archive.


  • Move all of the juice out of the maze by using your mouse or finger.


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