Classic Nonogram

Classic Nonogram
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Classic Nonogram

Classic Nonogram  is a modernized version of the classic Sudoku game, which has been enhanced with new features. In this game, all that is required of players is that they move and click on the proper box at the allocated time in order to reach the finish line. Become a member of Classic Nonogram now!

How to play

If you enjoy the game of Sudoku, you will undoubtedly enjoy this Classic Nonogram puzzle game as well. You must decide which cells should be filled in and which should be kept blank in order to successfully complete the game. The numbers in the rows and columns will provide you with hints, but proceed with caution. You will only have three lives in this Sudoku game, so make your choices wisely. Wishing you the best of luck!


  • There are a variety of fascinating tasks and objects in the game.
  • The game's basics are straightforward; players simply need to move about and destroy their opponents.
  • The graphics are just stunning.


  • Players fill out the information in the boxes by clicking on them with their mouse.


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