Color Raid

Color Raid
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Color Raid

Color Raid is a simple game with vibrant colors that is suitable for players of all ages. During the course of this game, you must overcome obstacles and guide your team through the desired color. By using the color, you can multiply the number of participants in your team. Isn't it interesting how things turn out? Become a member of Color Raid today and enjoy the most thrilling experience!

How to play

Players will be able to complete exciting color challenges and take home enticing prizes when they participate in this color raid game. For players to be eligible for that enticing prize, they must complete the necessary challenges, overcome obstacles, and guide the team through the desired color, using the color of their choice. You can increase the number of team members who are participating. Try to defeat your opponents and come out on top in this exciting game. Wishing you the best of luck!


  • The game has a lot of interesting challenges that players can choose from, with difficulty levels ranging from easy to hard.
  • Bonus points and enticing support items are available.
  • Many of the new features make it easier for users to complete challenges in less time.


  • Beginning with the mouse or touch screen, players must move and overcome obstacles in order to successfully complete the challenge.


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