Count Master

Count Master
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Count Master

The game Count Master is centered on numbers, and in order to win, you will need to find the solution to the challenge in the quickest and most accurate way possible. Utilizing your own troops, you must sneak inside the citadel held by the foe in order to complete each level. In order to outnumber your adversaries in terms of personnel, you will need as many followers as is humanly feasible. If you have a larger force, you will have an easier time capturing their fortress. In order to accomplish this goal, you may double the total number of stickman groups by making use of virtual gates and mathematical operations. You are free to position the gate in front of any collection of stick figures or wherever else you see fit. Just make sure that you are operating strategically and that you have as many soldiers as you possibly can. Isn't it intriguing? Now is the time to go on an exciting journey with Count Master.


  • The game has gorgeous images and a user interface that is easy to understand.
  • There are a lot of different methods to assist players, such as having the option to either boost or reduce the number of individuals competing as they enter the inner ring.
  • The game rules don't need to be complicated in order to be enjoyable.


You may move about in Count Master by dragging your mouse or swiping it left or right. This will allow you to overcome obstacles and get to the finish line before your rival does. Have the best of luck!

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