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Cratemage is a completely free online game for everyone that has a challenging puzzle premise. In this Cratemage game, the player's purpose is to take on jobs and complete them in the shortest period of time feasible. You must purchase containers if you want to explore the treasures hidden deep under the dungeon. Use your magic orbs to link containers together and synchronize their movements to complete a number of mind-bending challenges. Join Cratemage now to avoid missing out on exciting opportunities!


  • This game has twenty puzzles of increasing difficulty.
  • In a variety of ways, they use the fundamental idea of magically joining containers.
  • Amazing achievements are accomplished.


The WASD key combination is used by Cratemage players to traverse and perform missions. Use the left mouse button on the container to connect orbs. Press the right mouse button on an orb to unlink it. Use the spacebar to bring up all the orbs. It is recommended that music be turned off. By hitting R, the level is reset. Best regards!

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