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Diggy is a fun treasure hunt game that offers a variety of challenges for players of all ages. In this game, players will complete many tasks in order to uncover clues and locate the final reward. Join Diggy right now if you like exploring!

How to play

The user controls the character by moving the mouse and using the keys in this treasure hunting game. There will be a variety of rounds, with difficulty levels ranging from simple to severe. In order to find great riches, players must go to the heart of the earth.

However, strive to acquire materials to enhance your equipment in order to help you conquer the obstacles that you will face. Best wishes, and may the final victory be yours!


  • Many upgrading elements in the game assist players in overcoming obstacles.
  • There are several rounds with varying obstacles for participants to demonstrate their abilities.
  • The game has stunning visuals and a lively soundtrack.


  • Aim Diggy's drill using your mouse and click to drill in that direction. Alternatively, the player may activate Diggy's radar and discover concealed things by pressing the E key, then dig and pick them up.


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