Downhill Chill

Downhill Chill
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Downhill Chill

Downhill Chill is for you if you enjoy games with a skate theme. Downhill freestyle skating in this game is hard. You can relax, move away from the gate, or swap out your avatar. The yard is full of ramps and gates. Each successful gate will earn you bonus points. If your opponent is too close, you can try to knock them off the skates. You can also try to knock your opponent off their skates if they are too close. Join Downhill Chill immediately!


  • Vivid 3D visuals.
  • Addicting Pathway.
  • A difficult game to play.
  • Easy-to-understand settings.
  • Multiple Challenges.


The mouse controls character rotation, level completion, and access to additional levels. Your success is our success!

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