Droid O

Droid O
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Droid O

Droid O is a space-based combat game in which you must kill aliens in order to preserve your home planet's territory. If you want to be a galactic hero, sign up with Droid O right away!

How to play

In Droid-O, you will take on the role of a spacecraft commander in order to battle the invading aliens. Aliens are rushing to Earth in order to get access to its natural riches and colonize it.


In this space shooting game, you'll have to deal with an increasing number of aliens as you go. Drag your spacecraft left and right to eliminate opponents and save yourself from aliens as you navigate through the game's world. As a result, you will need to improve your spaceship with some more powerups in order to combat them.


As a result, collect a variety of powerups such as cannons, shields, and rockets in order to destroy the aliens faster and earn more points. Keep in mind that you only have three lives to spend in the battle against the invaders.


  • There are other exciting aspects to the game, such as fighting and assaulting opponents.
  • There are a lot of rounds with interesting tasks to take part in.
  • Bonus points and a slew of assistance items are available.


  • In this Droid O game, players travel about by dragging and dropping objects. 

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