Flying Orange

Flying Orange
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Flying Orange

Flying Orange is a free online game that may be played by anybody. The player's goal is to assist the character in overcoming obstacles and reaching the finish line in the quickest time possible. The player can take part in several levels in which you control a small orange and use your jetpack to avoid dangers in space. Collect gasoline while avoiding traps and adversaries. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Become a member of Flying Orange now!


  • To entice players, the game is built with 3D visuals.
  • There are a variety of fascinating challenges available to assist gamers in overcoming obstacles.
  • Simple game rules that are acceptable for all ages.


Players handle the game using the mouse, using the left arrow key to move left, the right arrow key to move right, and the Z key to leap X. In addition, in the game menu, you may utilize the jet and change the settings of the controls.


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