Furtive Dao

Furtive Dao
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Furtive Dao

It's no secret that everyone enjoys the online puzzle game Furtive Dao. In order to progress through this action game in the Chinese manner, each obstacle must be overcome. You may donate to the local animal shelter with the aid of Red Panda here. Do you find it intriguing? Join Furtive Dao now to take advantage of everything it has to offer before membership fees rise.


  • There will be 30 unique tests. 
  • All six tracks used in the game's six stages were written to represent one of six unique enemies. 
  • brightly colored 2D animations. 
  • interface that is simple to utilize. 
  • Exciting, vexing, and difficult game play. 
  • A lovable panda takes center stage.


Participating in activities requires the use of a mouse or touch screen. For your success today!

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