Grand Extreme Racing

Grand Extreme Racing
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Grand Extreme Racing

Grand Extreme Racing is an online racing game. Isn't this the time to get in your super fast car and join other Grand Extreme Racing players? This racing game provides everything a player needs, from practice to a race against a friend. You can also compete in a championship to win the title of world champion. These benefits make it easy to buy a car. There are 100 different courses. Each course has five vehicles and five other players. You can choose a side and take your place in the stands. The hard part is here!


  • 3D images look as if they were there.
  • There are also skins available that can be unlocked or skills that you can learn.
  • Joysticks can be used to control a car's steering wheel.
  • It's similar to having access 10 different maps of the route.
  • There are games that only require two people to play.


Two ways to play this game are available:

  • Before making any move in the 1P mode, players must first say "W," A, S," D," "NOW Key" or "NOT REQUIRED." You can also write "NOT REQUIRED." To get the car started again, use the "R" button. To switch between cameras, click the "C" button with a "T".
  • Player 1 can move around in the 2P mode by using the "Arrow Keys". When the vehicle is in the "O", it will move again. It will reverse its motion if it is in the "P". The camera angle will change when you press "K". Game 2: To do the following, press the "W", A, S and D keys simultaneously. TLA: "L–SHIFT" Press the "R" button again to get your car started. The letter T is important. When you press the letter C, the camera will display a different view.

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