Helix Stack Ball

Helix Stack Ball
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Helix Stack Ball

Helix Stack Ball is a hypercasual game with a basic UI that is simple to play and suitable for all ages. When playing Helix stack ball, the player's goal is to move the ball over obstacles and to the finish line as rapidly as possible. Now is the time to join the Helix Stack Ball!

How to play

The player must navigate the spiral tower all the way to the bottom without striking the wrong object in this Helix stack ball game. It may appear simple, but it will be challenging if your abilities are not effectively utilized. Begin by practicing and honing your skills at the most fundamental levels.Best of luck in winning the championship cup!


  • The game has beautiful visuals and trendy colors.
  • There are several upgrading options available to help players.
  • The achievements of the player will be saved in the game memory.


  • The mouse is used to move and control the ball as it approaches the finish line.

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