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Hexologic is a fun online game with a catchy soundtrack. Immerse yourself in Hexologic's stunning environment, solving tough but rewarding puzzles while listening to soothing music and taking in the game's ambience. Hexologic is a language-independent logic puzzle game that is simple to learn and incredibly addicting. Simple gaming mechanics combined with stunning graphics, soothing music, and hard but not impossible puzzles will keep gamers of all ages entertained for hours. So, what do you have to lose? Hexologic is looking for new members right now.


  • There are 45 different tasks to choose from, each with a different degree of difficulty.
  • The game's ambiance is enhanced with ambient background music.
  • Attractive game rules don't need a lot of particular abilities from the participants.


In this Hexologic game, the player must arrange the dots within the hexagons in three different ways such that their total equals the specified sign on the edge, and the task is completed in the smallest amount of time possible.


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