Human Wheel

Human Wheel
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Human Wheel

Join a game of people and journey together through the Human Wheel. The thrill of joining the Human Wheel makes it exciting. Rolling the platform is the only way. Your race to the finish is almost over. Your team should avoid obstacles such as shifting positions, rotating, increasing in size, and other irregularities. It's important to quickly calculate the situation to make sure you have as many wheels as you can. Are you able to think of a way that enough people could use the platform? Join the Human Wheel today to make an impact!


  • Three-dimensional animation.
  • It's not an easy task; there are many difficulties to face.
  • Interfaces that are intuitively friendly
  • There are many opportunities to increase both economic and population capacity.


Participants in this wild survival run use the mouse for navigation and can take part by pressing the appropriate buttons. There are deadly traps to avoid and a vast pit of thorns waiting for you. You need to be alert, and I hope you can find what you're looking!

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