Jet Boat Racing

Jet Boat Racing
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Jet Boat Racing

Jet Boat Racing is a thrilling boat race simulation game that is suitable for all ages. There are two game modes in the game: Free Drive and Racing, both of which are full of surprises and will keep you entertained for hours. Join in on the most exciting experience of your life today by joining Jet Boat Racing!

How to play

Each round of this game consists of players completing challenges. Show off your boating abilities by flying over the ramps or sliding over the thin ramps with your friends. In both racing and freestyle, you have the option of playing in a 1-player or 2-player mode. Racing boats have a variety of features, which can be unlocked by placing first in the race and completing the course. I wish you the best of luck in obtaining as many bonus points as possible and finishing as quickly as possible!


  • The graphics are stunning, and the sounds are realistic.
  • Simple game rules that are suitable for all players.
  • There are numerous bonus points and support items to choose from.


  • For player 1, make a move by pressing the W, A, S, and D keys to the letter NOS. To restart or return to the starting position, press the F key on your keyboard. T to take a look back at the movie. R. Change the camera's position.
  • Make a move with player 2 using the arrow keys to NOS, and press K to switch cameras. After that, press P to restart the location and O to go back in time.

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