Kingdom Guards Tower Defense

Kingdom Guards Tower Defense
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Kingdom Guards Tower Defense

Kingdom Guards Tower Defense is a fun online game in which you lead archers from the top of a tower to safeguard the kingdom from enemy attack. If you want to be the most powerful person in your kingdom, you will have to command and make important decisions for it yourself. To create your own universe, join Kingdom Guardians Tower Defense today!

How to play

Moves and the arrow keys are used to initiate challenges by players. Defeat the enemies who are attacking your tower by firing arrows in their direction. Using bows and arrows to boost your chances of winning is one of the numerous supporting aspects of the game! Enemies: 6 normal enemies and 3 big bosses, for a total of 30 levels, including monster level 9. Purchase boost items and upgrade bows, archers, and fortresses from the store. Take up arms and rule the world right now!


  • A lot of new features have been added to the game, including better health and movement, guns and other weapons, and more. Players can use these things to help them in the fight.
  • Because of the seamless images and realistic digital sound effects, players will experience a sense of calm.
  • There are numerous tasks as well as attractive prizes.


  • To shoot or use arrows, players must tap the screen on their device's screen while moving past the enemy to reach the goal line.


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