Mad Burger

Mad Burger
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Mad Burger

For people who enjoy burgers, Mad Burger is an entertaining online game with a bread theme. Players take on the roles of characters and travel on a vacation in the great outdoors, where they complete challenges. Doesn't it seem exciting? For the most thrilling experience, join Mad Burger today!

How to play

When playing Mad Burger, the player's goal is to hurl the burger as far as they can in the hopes of reaching a hungry individual. Features that will help you include: Burger's 4-Level Upgrade: 5 awards for performance enhancement However, keep an eye on the clock in each round and try to finish as quickly as possible. Good luck!


  • There are numerous fascinating difficulties in the game that correspond to various rounds.
  • There aren't many criteria in the game, so it's easy to play.
  • A beautiful, user-friendly UI that works on a variety of platforms.


  • To complete the challenge, players must first join Mad Burger and then use the mouse or touch the touch screen.


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