Marbles Garden

Marbles Garden
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Marbles Garden

Marbles Garden is a fun marble puzzle game for all ages. The objective of the game is to protect your lovely garden from nasty goblins. Doesn't it sound enthralling? Today is the best time to join Marbles Garden for the most thrilling adventures!

How to play

Players must complete each round's goal in this Marbles Garden game. It's to keep the wicked goblins out of your lovely garden. You will be armed with equipment and weapons such as ammo, especially in the last game round. You can also upgrade in the game by collecting stars, which will give you more control. To finish the challenge as fast as possible, always pay attention to the time limit and number of turns specified in each round. Best wishes


  • There are 60 levels in total, with graphics that are both current and attractive.
  • In each round, the player can upgrade 14 different powerups to help them out.
  • Epic music and an engaging user interface.


  • Players in Marbles Garden use the mouse, keyboard, and in-game instructions to get to the end of the game, even though it's hard.


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