Match Adventure

Match Adventure
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Match Adventure

Welcome to Match Adventure! Start your amazing trip with Gemmy the squirrel in this colorful and engaging match-3 game. When the forest residents awoke one day, they discovered that someone had demolished the forest's whole edge over night, leaving it barren. What's more, Gemmy's squirrel brother, Johnny, has vanished. Assist a little yet courageous squirrel in his search for his sibling. The journey will not be simple; you and Gemmy must speak with all of the forest's residents, restore the events of the previous night, and go on a journey to other realms. You, Gemmy, and her pals will journey from world to world, discovering fresh facts about her brother's and other characters' inexplicable disappearances and getting to know the people who live there. Now is the time to join Match Adventure!


  • Graphics in two dimensions
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Controls that are simple to use
  • Involving animals


Clear the region, repair all the structures and decorations, and explore them to restore the devastated edge and the jungle world. Completing Match-3 levels will earn you coins, which you can use to create. As you progress through the stages, Gemmy will appear. will converse with numerous individuals as you reveal the mystery of what transpired. Gemmy and the travelers will get fame and awards after completing a number of levels, as well as become a part of a hidden process that will assist them in reaching the next realm. Purchase new decorations in the store for cash to boost your global renown! Remember to clear the land to create a way for future projects. This will require the use of nuts. Using diamonds to speed up the implementation process. Best of luck!


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