Memory Booster Animal

Memory Booster Animal
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Memory Booster Animal

Memory Booster Animal is a two-stage memory game that is both entertaining and demanding. The player's objective in each level is to pick and remember pictures that will be flipped in stage two. If this sounds intriguing to you, gather your friends and join us today for the most thrilling adventure!

How to play

To begin the game, the player moves about using the mouse. The challenge will be divided into two phases for participants to complete. You'll need to pick a set number of random cards for the first level. The cards will be turned over when you choose them, revealing an animal picture. You'll need to remember the animal and the order in which you picked it in the second step, when you'll have to choose the cards in order after they've been mixed and shown.

You'll earn tips and lives at the end of each level. If you make fewer errors and utilize fewer tips, you will get more extra points. Best of luck!


  • The game features a basic setup that is straightforward to operate.
  • Players may pick from a variety of rounds.
  • Interesting game rules that entice participants to participate.


  • To move and start the game, players use the mouse or touch the picture.

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