Merge Dreams

Merge Dreams
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Merge Dreams

Merge Dreams is a classic game set in a fantasy world full of interesting characters and stories, and it is available on all platforms. When playing this game, players will take on the roles of characters who construct and upgrade a variety of structures in order to produce a variety of useful products. Join the Merge Dreams community today!

How to play

Use products to build and improve a variety of buildings, which they then use to make a variety of useful goods, fulfill orders, earn a large amount of gold, and gain more experience points in this game.


Additionally, you have the option of combining everything to create better and more powerful items to use on your journey. The more experience points you gain, the higher your level and the more interesting characters, stories, and lands you can unlock.I wish you the best of luck in building your dream farm as soon as possible!


  • The game's graphics are beautiful, with bright colors and clear sounds that make players feel something.
  • There are a lot of rounds with interesting challenges to take part in.
  • Bonus points and enticing items are available.


Dragging one item onto two similar items with the mouse will result in the player receiving a higher-level item. Make an effort to combine five identical items in order to earn more bonus items. Each day will consist of a different task that the player must complete. The greater the number of experience points you have, the higher your level is likely to be. The higher your player level, the greater the number of lands that can be unlocked.


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