Mike & Munk

Mike & Munk
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Mike & Munk

Mike & Munk is an online brain game with contemporary elements that is ideal for players of all ages. In this game, which was originally part of the arcade co-op series, players can pick between two different characters: the kid and the squirrel. Join Mike and Munk right now to assist them in escaping from an abandoned mine that is filled with traps and scary opponents!

How to play

When joining Mike and Munk, the player's objective is to take on the role of a child or a squirrel, rescue animals, and explore new territories. To control the character more simply, players should utilize the keyboard and mouse together.

But keep an eye out for the potentially deadly traps that arise amid the wasteland. If you want to be a master at managing the character, you need to start with the easiest rounds and practice until you are proficient. Congratulations on your victory and for saving the characters! Good luck!


  • This is a contemporary brain game that is good for all ages.
  • The visuals and sounds have been created using the most up-to-date designs.
  • A large number of bonus points and support items.
  • Players will be able to do more things because of new shopping store features.


  • Players travel around the game world by pressing the arrow keys or the A and D buttons on their keyboards. A character can be replaced by using the space bar. To leap, press the W key or the Up Arrow key. Then, using the X or J keys, toggle traps on or off before pressing the R key to resume the game.


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