Mr. Bean Solitaire Adventures

Mr. Bean Solitaire Adventures
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Mr. Bean Solitaire Adventures

Mr. Bean's Solitaire Adventures: Join Mr. Bean on a solitaire card journey. Join Mr. Bean as he tries to snap a selfie atop London's Tower Bridge, but instead falls off and collides with a ship going for America! As soon as he opens his eyes, he finds himself in New York, and his solo journey begins. Join him on a journey throughout the United States in our new solitaire card game, and experience the emotions of cities like New York, Honolulu, San Francisco, New Orleans, and more. In Mr. Bean Solitaire Adventures, you can go on an amazing journey with Mr. Bean to find new things.


  • Colorful, two-dimensional pictures.
  • Solitaire game with comprehensive instructions
  • Intuitional abilities
  • The cards have amusing cartoonish images.


Players in Mr. Bean Solitaire Adventures complete the objective by tapping or clicking on the screen to stack their cards in ascending or descending order. If you have three clubs, you may combine them with two suits, or four suits if you only have three clubs.

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