Mr Noob Vs Zombies

Mr Noob Vs Zombies
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Mr Noob Vs Zombies

On all platforms, Mr Noob Vs Zombies is a shooting game that features official competitions between Noobs, Pros, and Hackers. Participating in Mr. Noob Vs. Zombies requires the player to complete tasks in order to assist Mr. Noob in the elimination of 1000 zombies and the opening of all Lucky Blocks in order to get Mr. Noob's new skin. Are you prepared to engage in combat? Join Mr. Noob vs. Zombies right now so you won't miss out on any of the great prospects!


  • 2D images that make use of bright hues
  • There is a need for swift strategies.
  • 400 levels
  • Intuitive controls


To spin the wheel and take on new tasks, all you have to do is touch the screen on your mobile device. When playing on a personal computer, you must click anywhere on the screen to fire, and the first player to strike the target area is the winner. 


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