Night City Racing

Night City Racing
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Night City Racing

Night City Racing is a free online game with a realistic driving theme that is open to everyone. Night City Racing is the first game in this very realistic and outstanding driving simulation series. This journey will be accompanied by ten of the world's fastest super sports vehicles. Both the engine and the appearance of these automobiles are changeable. This automotive simulation game may be played in single-player or multiplayer mode. There are 16 races to play against the computer or with your friends, as well as five challenge races. Join Night City Racing right now to ensure that you don't miss out on any thrilling challenges!


  • 3D graphics with plenty of color.
  • One-player and two-player modes are available.
  • You may use 7 different automobiles to finish 6 different stages.


Players in Night City Racing will need your help to complete the following tasks:

  • 1st participant: NOS with "L-Shift" or "R-Shift." Make motions using the "W, A, S, and D" keys or arrow keys. Select "R" to restart the vehicle, "T" to return to the previous location, and "C" to change the camera mode.
  • Move using "W, A, S, D," NOS with "L-SHIFT," reposition the vehicle with "R," glance back with "T," and change camera angle with "C."

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