Olimpian Mahjong

Olimpian Mahjong
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Olimpian Mahjong

Olimpian Mahjong is a straightforward puzzle game that was built in the style of the Chinese game of mahjong. The player must use the mouse to move and match the tiles in order to fulfill the task in this game. Join us right away with your friends to get the most entertaining experience possible.

How to play

In the game Olimpian mahjong, the player's objective is to perform mouse moves to match the mahjong tiles in order to finish all 32 levels, which are growing increasingly tough as they progress. If there are no moves, the deck will be shuffled numerous times.

Remember to keep track of the time allocated in each round, and make an effort to practice and acquire abilities during each round. Have a good run and make it to the finish line as quickly as possible.


  • The game offers a straightforward interface that is simple to use.
  • To assist gamers in efficiently overcoming problems, a variety of upgrading features have been included.
  • In order for players to have more experience, there are several rounds with levels ranging from simple to challenging.


  • Players use the mouse to move puzzle pieces that are similar to each other in order to earn additional points and win.


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