On Nom Bounce

On Nom Bounce
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On Nom Bounce

Remember the Cut the Rope mobile game's "Om Nom"? In "On Nom Bounce," our little green companion has begun on a new journey. He has to deal with a variety of adversaries and deadly monsters, all of which may be defeated by shooting sugar at them! Aim, fire, and bounce your way through 40 difficult levels set in four diverse locations. Upgrade your skills along the way to vanquish even the most difficult foes. Are you willing to assist Om Nom in overcoming the obstacles? Become a member of Om Nom Bounce now!


  • 2D and color graphics.
  • The gameplay is enjoyable.
  • Waves of enemies are approaching.
  • There are 40 stages in all, with four different settings.


Players compete against computer players in Om Nom Bounce by pressing and holding the mouse button to aim, then releasing it to fire. To aim on a mobile device, touch and hold. Best of luck!

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