Paw Mahjong

Paw Mahjong
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Paw Mahjong

Paw Mahjong is a basic jigsaw puzzle game that may be played by anybody. To conquer all of the levels in Paw Mahjong, you must match the same animal symbols. To win, players must employ their unique abilities. Isn't it fascinating? Join today with your friends to share thrilling experiences.

How to play

The game begins with the player clicking or tapping on the image. Then pick the cell with the animal symbol and click to shift the tile to a different tile. You will score points and demolish nearby crates if two identical animals contact one another. There are unique tiles on several levels that enable you to move the animal in a straight line or a circle.

Keep in mind that each round has a time restriction; you'll only have ten to twenty seconds to recall the same animals. Good luck in finishing the task as quickly as possible!


  • The game offers an intriguing layout, as well as vibrant colors and sounds.
  • There are a number of helpful features, such as proposing the same pair, lengthening the time...
  • After each round, the score will be recorded and stored so that players may keep track of the outcomes.


  • Using the mouse, the player creates matching tiles and clears them all off the board.

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