Piggy In The Puddle

Piggy In The Puddle
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Piggy In The Puddle

What would you do if you discovered a pig and a tub on your farm? If you haven't figured out the answer yet, join Piggy In The Puddle to discover the most accurate answer possible. Piggy In The Puddle is a silly game that may be enjoyed by all ages. The objective of this game is for the player to assist the adorable pigs in bathing pleasantly in a mud-filled tub.

How to play

The directions provided in this Piggy in the Puddle game must be followed in order for players to be able to control and finish the challenges in the game. By having it roll and fall, we may assist our companion in reaching the tub at the conclusion of each stage. You may alter its shape; when it is round, it rolls and collects food at the same time. When it is square, it does not roll. Bring it back to the starting point, and it will come to a complete halt so swiftly that you will spin. I wish you the best of success and a lot of enjoyment with these cute piglets!


  • In addition to having a visually appealing setup, the game also has cutting-edge visuals that make the players look at the game for a long time.
  • There are a variety of unique challenges with entertaining rounds to choose from.
  • Bonus points and enticing things are available.


  • Piggy in the Puddle is a game where the pigs enjoy water, and in order to control them, you must move the mouse and direct them towards the puddle.


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