Police Chase Motorbike Driver

Police Chase Motorbike Driver
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Police Chase Motorbike Driver

Police Chase Motorbike Driver is an online game for people who are always on the lookout for criminals to face. Follow your brave statements and apprehend the villains that are terrorizing your city. Each task has its own set of restrictions. Complete quests to unlock motorcycles and gather coins spread over the city. Stop the criminals since you are the city's superhero. Confront them and, if necessary, kill them. Don't let them get away! However, your bike's health will deteriorate with each impact. Become a police chase motorcycle driver right now!

  • To capture and neutralize the dangers, go on your bike.
  • Assist the President on his way to your town.
  • By driving and completing assignments, you may unlock new motorcycles.


Players join by clicking the mouse and doing the following actions: (Move left/Drive) (Move right/Drive) Press A Press D—(Stop) (Drive/Reverse) Press the spacebar. (Drive/Forward) Press S Press W-(Enter Car) F- (For Shooting): Left-click the mouse-(For Target) Use the right click. Best of luck!


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