Robo clone

Robo clone
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Robo clone

Robo clone is a straightforward game for all ages, with a visually appealing graphic style. When playing this game, the player's goal is to collect as many three-dimensional blocks as they can while staying away from harmful hazards. Make your way past the deadly obstacles to reach the holographic blocks. Sign up for RoboClone right now!

How to play

In this Robo-clone game, players will be required to complete exceedingly difficult trials while also collecting support items to go farther. You have the ability to maneuver the robot to the right, left, or even split it in half in order to avoid obstacles. You will also receive several abilities that will aid you in your quest to acquire the greatest number of three-dimensional blocks possible. You may utilize these holograms to recharge your batteries. So come on in and become a part of this Robo game. Wishing you the best of luck!


  • Beautiful graphics paired with a modern space design.
  • There are plenty of fascinating tasks for gamers to take on.
  • There are several extra points and thrilling rounds to be had.


  • Computer users use the left and right mouse buttons to move the character control to the finish line, which is where the game is over.

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