Royal Heroes

Royal Heroes
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Royal Heroes

Royal Heroes is a great place to start! It is an online game that tells the story of a country in trouble. It is the goal of the game to use techniques that are designed for fantasy and adventure in the world of royal heroes. Hire a legendary army to help you fight massive waves of monsters. You must eliminate all your enemies on the battlefield. Why do you hesitate? Royal Heroes is now open for you to join and take part in these amazing opportunities!


  • Visually stunning 2D graphics.
  • Variety of weapons that you can construct.
  • In the creative mode, you can create any kind of weapon.
  • You can test out your ideas on a range.


The challenge participants use money to hire royal heroes to protect their kingdom. In this exciting role-playing adventure, your goal is to defend the country at any cost from orc hordes and dark magic. Best of luck!

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