Sharkosaurus Rampage

Sharkosaurus Rampage
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Sharkosaurus Rampage

Sharkosaurus Rampage is a fun online game for everyone with a unique laboratory theme. In the heart of California's redwoods, there will be a secret subterranean laboratory. Crazy scientists are attempting to clone a lethal monster with shark and dinosaur DNA. You will play as a Sharkosaurus who must escape from a hidden facility and combat the scientific corporation's security agency. Are you bold enough to flee, or are you content to remain in the specimen bin until the next DNA test? If you've decided to battle, join Sharkosaurus Rampage today.


  • 2D graphics with plenty of color.
  • Three stats that can be improved
  • Controls that are simple and easy to understand.
  • Playing is enjoyable.


Players battle with armored vehicles, military vehicles, jet pilots, tanks, helicopters, ATVs, monster trucks, jet aircraft, and even a gigantic dragon monster using mouse actions. To prevent the firm from engaging in DNA cheating operations, they smash automobiles, devour adversaries, and destroy lab equipment. Consume the ammunition boxes to get a powerful laser gun. To activate doors, elevators, and staircases, use a number of methods. Best of luck!

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