Snowball Destroyer

Snowball Destroyer
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Snowball Destroyer

The Snowball Destroyer is the perfect Christmas game for snowball fans. You will play as Santa Claus and throw snowballs at snowy towns. Push the snowball forward as far as possible and as forcefully as possible. It's interesting, yes? Snowball Destroyer? Sign up now!


  • This game offers the best in snowball physics and controls, gorgeous 3D visuals, and the ability to increase your snowball’s strength.

  • a community that is filled with holiday spirit. the ability to easily create snow giants capable of destroying homes and trees.


Players must complete the task within the stipulated time limit. Santa Claus will throw a ball, and a color-coded scale will appear. Green indicates a strong throw, while red signifies a weak throw. Once the arrow passes over the green, click either the screen button or the left mouse icon. Good luck!

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