Solitaire Farm: Seasons

Solitaire Farm: Seasons
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Solitaire Farm: Seasons

Solitaire Farm: Seasons is an online game with a classic solitaire theme that allows you to exercise your brain while admiring the beauty of the countryside. This is a straightforward, free card game that anyone can play at home. What are you waiting for, if you're a lover of Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, or Pyramid Solitaire? Then create your own universe with Solitaire Farm: Seasons!


  • On your farm, you can have fun playing, growing, and harvesting crops.
  • There are more than 2000 solitaire levels to choose from.
  • Weekly objectives and exciting game modes.


Simply follow the draw instructions to discover how to play this solitaire three-card game in this Solitaire Farm: Seasons game. To get to the finish line in the quickest time, use the mouse in conjunction with keyboard operations or touch the screen with your phone.

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