Straight 4 Multiplayer

Straight 4 Multiplayer
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Straight 4 Multiplayer

Straight 4 Multiplayer is a challenging logic game for all ages. The goal is for the player to drop the disc into the game grid's columns and build a row of at least four chips vertically, diagonally, or horizontally before the opponent. Isn't it exciting? Get started immediately with your pals!

How to play

The ball is moved, dragged, and dropped into the box using the mouse such that it makes a row of four colored cells of the same hue. There will be two game modes: player with computer and computer versus opponent (can be your friend or another player).

Keep track of the clock and aim to line up four balls ahead of your opponent. It's worth noting that you may win by blocking the opponent's return lines. Wishing you the best of luck!


  • There are many fascinating problems in this game, as well as logic.
  • Bonus points for visually appealing support items.
  • The outcomes of the game and the scores are kept.


  • Players drop the ball using the mouse or by touching the screen. To win, try to line up four balls of the same color.

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