Sudoku Royal

Sudoku Royal
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Sudoku Royal

Do you consider yourself a sudoku master? If you haven't already, sign up for Sudoku Royal right now. Sudoku Royal is a simple game for everyone that is based on the original Sudoku puzzle game. The user will be able to pick from four different difficulties in this game. Attempt to complete even the most challenging levels.

How to play

In the game Sudoku Royal, the player's main goal is to make a pick and discover four boxes of the same color in order to win. There will be several opportunities for you to practice and demonstrate your abilities. Try to enhance your logic and memory by playing this traditional version of Sudoku.


The traditional sudoku rules apply. Choose a square, then click the number you wish to fill it with. Pass the level by successfully completing the 9x9 game board. To take notes, go to pencil mode or use the suggestion button. Good luck and the best of luck!


  • The game is beautifully designed and has a contemporary concept.
  • Players are given an outstanding feeling by the beautiful colors and music.
  • The new version of the suggestion feature is more advanced than the old one.
  • Scores and accomplishments will be kept track of.


  • To win, the player must use the mouse to select a color. In the 4 Color Theme Endless Game, however, there are four difficulties to select from, so use the hint button!


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