Super Hero League Online

Super Hero League Online
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Super Hero League Online

Super Hero League Online is a superhero-themed online game that is suitable for all ages. Here, you may join a superhero coalition to vanquish all of your adversaries and restore peace to the world. Choose your favorite character and use various super abilities to accomplish all of the levels. Drag foes into the wall to kill them, fire arrows to chop them down, toss shurikens towards the wall, and throw bombs to destroy everything. When doing your duties here, you must also keep the captives in mind. Are you all set? Join Super Hero League Online now so you don't miss out on any of the fun challenges!


  • Graphics in two dimensions
  • There are four distinct heroes to pick from, with a total of 12 levels to complete.
  • Controls that are easy to use


Superhero League Online players utilize the mouse to choose, aim, and fire their way through obstacles. Tap the screen on a mobile device.

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