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Welcome to the successor to the internationally acclaimed Super Hero game, including a new UI design, fresh gameplay, and quadrupled map area!!! Chaos Giant is the sequel to the popular online superhero game 2. You may make the battlefield crazy this time by using the enemy's occupied weapons. Pick up skill items to become gigantic or invincible, or use your favorite heroes to gather experience points and level up. You can simply gather heroes with the daily limit and daily quests. Are you up for it? Join the 2 Chaos Giant right now!

How to play 

In all, 16 languages are supported by the game. All heroes, including 30 well-known ones, can be used in the game, which can be started by watching a movie or gotten by finishing tasks or spinning a wheel of fortune. The size of the character will grow as they level up. When a hero dies, his weapon is dropped and may be picked up by another hero if they collide. (As Captain America wields Mjolnir.) The hero may make a large swing by leveling up the new passive talent "Attack Area." "Speed Up," "Invincible," or "Grow Up" are new map element items. A new seven-day reward system, as well as a new luck spin and task system, have been implemented. More new features are on the way!


Chaos in 2 Giant players walk around with their mice and assault the computer with a left click. Also, for mobile phones, do not touch Virtual Keys.

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