The Smurfs Skate Rush

The Smurfs Skate Rush
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The Smurfs Skate Rush

The Smurfs Skate Rush is a free online game with an endless theme. The humorous blue figure from the film and animation of The Smurfs served as the inspiration for this game. Those taking part will harvest berries while avoiding rocks, logs, and automobiles. Smurf Skate Rush allows you to skate between lanes. Avoid impediments like tree trunks. In this 3D Smurf video game, you may execute grinds and other tricks by jumping on rails, other objects, and portals. I'm sure it's interesting. Join the Smurfs Skate Rush now to take part in thrilling opportunities!


  • Detailed 3D visuals.
  • More can be unlocked.
  • Use fresh Smurfs to open the character's door.
  • By participating in the daily word search game, you may get additional points.
  • Assignments that are due on certain dates.
  • You have access to a leaderboard.


By pushing up on the arrow, players may take the challenge and slide down logs or ramps and grind through rails. Press the downward-pointing arrow to drop and slide below the wooden signs. By harvesting strawberries, you may purchase new skateboards. You could look for strange symbols to unlock additional Smurf characters. You're lucky!

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