The Smurfs Village Cleaning

The Smurfs Village Cleaning
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The Smurfs Village Cleaning

An online game called The Smurfs Village Cleaning has the objective of discovering the Smurf village and having a lot of fun doing it. The mission for the player, should they choose to take part, is to clear out the Smurf lane as quickly as they can. It's very wonderful, isn't it? Come help the Smurfs clean up their village today!


  • Images with vivid colors.
  • Unlockable upgrades
  • Smurf pals lurk in every nook and cranny!
  • Specified procedures for community upkeep and sanitation
  • A recounting of the actions of our characters


Players can either use a mouse to click and drag, or they can use a touch phone to touch the screen in order to carry out operations and complete tasks. Good luck!

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