Treasure Hunter 1

Treasure Hunter 1
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Treasure Hunter 1

Treasure Hunter 1 is a treasure hunting game that offers a variety of fascinating tasks for players of all levels. To gain the ultimate triumph, players will have to complete treasure hunts and conquer obstacles that will be introduced in each round. Join Treasure Hunter 1 now for the most incredible adventure of your life!

How to play

The gold detector will be available for players to utilize in order to locate all of the riches on the map. At the same time, maintain control of your miner and locate the prize before your opponents do. Make quick work of mining the dirt and retrieving your riches as quickly as possible.


You must, however, pay close attention to the challenges that are featured in each round in order to be very cautious and avoid colliding with them. There will be several rounds, each with a separate set of obstacles of increasing severity. Try your hardest to complete the challenge in order to achieve the best results possible, good luck!


  • Graphics that are both beautiful and user-friendly.
  • There are several rounds, each with a unique difficulty.
  • Bonus points and enticing support goods are available.


  • To control the character, players must hold and drag the mouse. Keep your eyes peeled for explosives and avoid clashing with them. 

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