Word Duel

Word Duel
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Word Duel

Word Duel has welcomed you. Other players may join in on this one-on-one word scramble. Playing this game means competing against players from around the world, and the player's job is to complete challenges as quickly as possible. How many rounds of a 30-second quick-fire battle can you beat your opponent in? Take part in the Word Duel as soon as you can!


  • You can compete against people from all over the world by using a single global server for matchmaking.
  • Compete for gold in the beginning, intermediate, advanced, or champion arenas, which are all branded accordingly.
  • Every four hours, a free gold chest will be delivered to you.
  • In-game currency can be used to buy more than ten different letter block styles.
  • You can boost your chances of receiving gold prizes by completing brain-teasing daily challenges.


Players who are actively participating in the game must click or tap in accordance with the game's instructions. Each challenge has a time limit, so do your best to complete it in that time. Thank you for your support and best wishes!

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